Thursday, December 23, 2010

Foods That Reduce Cellulite

As a fitness consultant for many years, there are certain “What can I do for this?” type questions that come up each and every day.  Next to the most popular one dealing with tummy fat, we reach the nightmare that virtually ignores weight class and body fat percentage: CELLULITE! (Queue in the Alford Hitchcock music). Unlike those unique individuals attempting to converse with you in the locker room before getting back dressed, cellulite doesn’t have to be one of the things in life you just learn to accept. There happens to be a simple food solution that will help.

Before telling you what and how, first understand what cellulite is. We all have fat, both subcutaneous (underneath our skin) and visceral (internally). Cellulite is actually a description of the topographic skin change caused by the hernia of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue. This lends to the orange peel-like appearance. Certain factors such as our metabolism, physiology, genetic make up, and even stress level can contribute to the degree of cellulite. As a matter of fact, 80-90% of post-pubertal females are affected. The biggest relief women seem to get is when standing in the grocery line and glancing over at a priceless photo in the tabloids of a Hollywood Hottie’s unsightly thigh dimples.

So enough with the suspense, here are our wonderful ingredients: Coffee, sugar, olive oil, and rosemary essential oil. Now before you run off to make a concoction to replace your Starbucks, you are NOT drinking this. We’re making an inexpensive, strong coffee scrub that will have your arms and legs looking great while saving hundreds on long treatments.

Instructions: Get caffeinated coffee grounds (preferably freshly ground) and sugar, either white or brown. Use a half- tablespoon of the rosemary oil to mix with three tablespoons of the olive oil. Mix 1 part sugar with three parts coffee, then mix the rosemary infused olive oil with that to make a paste. Keep this refrigerated until time to use.

Application: At least twice weekly rub the scrub onto desired areas. Leave this on for about thirty minutes before time to shower. You may choose to use clear Reynolds Wrap to cover the areas in order to not get any on your robe. Rinse the scrub off while in the shower.

How it works: The caffeine in the coffee helps to flush out the toxins and breakdown fats underneath the skin by increasing circulation. The rubbing motion also facilitates this. The sugar exfoliates while the oils increase skin circulation and serve as an emollient for the skin, minimizes the cellulite appearance. Drinking plenty of water will help flush away the broke down toxins. (Drinking too much coffee can actually contribute to cellulite because it’s a diuretic and will dehydrate you, increasing the toxins and fat storage.)

Always keep in mind what causes the cellulite. Use this simple treatment with the guidance of a good diet and regular exercise and watch your skin begin to smooth out before your eyes.

Brandon W. O’Neal

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